Floral Square Necklace


This Floral Design Pendant Necklace is timeless and elegant. The chain is a genuine, 925 sterling silver chain dipped in an 18K gold plating called Vermeil Gold.  It is also two-toned and so the faceted station chain beads shimmer in silver.  The pendant details are made of cubic zirconia that shimmer like tiny diamonds.  The large semi-precious stone options are stones such as Chalcedony, Amethyst and Green Onyx to name a few. They have beautiful and inspirational meaning.  You will truly enjoy this design, whether for your own important moments or giving it as a special gift.



Semi-precious Stone, Sterling Silver 925 or Vermeil Gold (18k over Sterling Silver) CZ Crystal Pendant

Cubic Zirconia & Swarovski Crystal Artist Details

Italian, Faceted, Oval Bead, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated) or Two-tone, Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain


Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20"

Chain Style

Italian, Faceted, Oval Bead, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated), Italian, Faceted, Two-tone, Oval Bead, Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain

Semi-Precious Stone

Amethyst * Protection & Transformation, Chalcedony * Balancing of Mind, Body & Spirit, Green Onyx * Positivity * Prosperity, London Blue Topaz * Tranquility & Peace, Moonstone * New Beginnings & Intuition, Sky Blue Topaz * Tranquility & Peace


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