Blue Topaz – Moon Wish Necklace


Have you ever had a night that you didn’t think of the moon. Its etherial evening light, one can only experience under its moonlight. As children we look up at the stars and moon with creativity, dreamlike thoughts and encouragement of a greater, bigger picture of life itself. So this design is special in many ways. It brings both one of the universe’s most celebrated symbols together with the earth element of natural semi-precious stones. The artist uses garnet, topaz, moonstone, peridot, amethyst to brighten this design and reflect more meaning. So when choosing a moon pendant necklace to hold close to your heart, this one is full of intrigue, magic and personal sentiment.



 Semi-precious Stone, Sterling Silver 925 or Vermeil Gold (18k over Sterling Silver) CZ Crystal Pendant

Cubic Zirconia & Swarovski Crystal Artist Details

Italian, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated) or Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain

The energy of the moon is intuitive and associated with clairvoyance; knowing without thinking. Encouraging you to use your intuition and simply go with what you feel is for your greater good. In Greek Mythology, the moon is both magical and mysterious and associated with love by serving as a symbol of unattainable beauty.

Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20"

Semi-Precious Stone

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