Aqua Protection Eye Necklace


There is something very special about this blue, white dotted, enamel eye pendant necklace.  It has a playful feeling, yet the details make it quite elegant.  Along all sides of this Vermeil gold pendant are Cubic Zirconia details, reflecting a diamond like shimmer and the clear, faceted, Swarovski crystal, artist detail that makes it unique. The Figaro, Italian chain is gentle visually, but a strong chain, non the less. The Vermeil gold is made of 925 sterling silver with a 18 karat gold overlay and has timeless details and characteristics. This evil eye, lucky eye charmed pendant, can definitely charm you!



Vermeil Gold (18k over Sterling Silver) Pendant

Cubic Zirconia & Swarovski Crystal Artist Details

Italian, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated) or Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain

The Mati (μάτι), also known as the “Evil Eye” is an ancient, old world symbol representing protection against any negativity from the outside world.

Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20"


Golden Aqua * Protection Eye Necklace, Silver Aqua * Protection Eye Necklace


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