London * Lotus Blossom Necklace

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The lotus has been a beautiful symbol of peace, love and prosperity throughout the centuries.  Most importantly it represents the transformation of moving through challenges to arrive at your goal. This happens with both challenge and grace combined. The artist made this design with some key elements in mind. Not only is the symbolic meaning important but so is the visual experience. The design is made with any semi-precious stone of your choice: peridot, amethyst, garnet, topaz, etc. The artist calls this design part of her “light on light” collection, since the when the stone is cradled by the lotus, the light brightens as it reflects through the stone. It is truly a magnificent design and in person an eye catcher.



THE LOTUS FLOWER  guides us past challenge in their beauty and truth,
into a brighter day. It inspires a faith in life and a clear path 

towards achievement and enlightenment.

Sterling Silver 925, Semi-precious Stone and CZ Crystal Pendant

Cubic Zirconia & Swarovski Crystal Artist Details

Italian, Faceted, Oval Bead, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated) Chain

Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20"

Semi-Precious Stone

Amethyst * Protection & Transformation, Chalcedony * Balancing of Mind, Body & Spirit, Garnet * Sucess in life and in love, London Blue Topaz * Tranquility & Peace, Moonstone * New Beginnings & Intuition, Peridot * Visionary Stone, Sky Blue Topaz * Tranquility & Peace

Chain Style

Italian, Faceted, Oval Bead, Sterling Silver 925 (Rhodium-plated), Italian, Faceted, Two-tone, Oval Bead, Vermeil Gold (18K over Sterling Silver) Chain

1 review for London * Lotus Blossom Necklace

  1. meridith hootstein

    i received this beautiful necklace a gift for the holidays! I absolutely love it! Every time I wear it I get so many compliments. It is stunning and it has now become my most favorite necklace!

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