Symbol & Stone Meanings

Stone Signs

Dragonfly Collection

Ancient in their beauty and truth, when spotting a dragonfly, good luck is on its way. Symbolic of new beginnings, dragonflies reflect life is to be lived to the fullest.

Lotus Flower Collection

“Breath of Life”

Guides us past challenge and into a brighter day. Inspires a faith in life and a clear path towards achievement and enlightenment.

Moon Collection

The energy of the moon is intuitive & associated with  clairvoyance, knowing without thinking. It is to state your universal intention is to use your intuition & simply go with what you feel is for your greater good.

Angel Collection

Guard and protect us always, appearing in many forms; in spirit, when you can sense them. And as loved ones and friends, guiding us toward our truest path.

The “Mati” Collection

a.k.a. “Evil Eye

This eye is an ancient, old world symbol, representing protection against any negativity from the outside world.

The Sun Collection

In Greek mythology, associated with Apollo, the sun god and representative of music and healing. Symbolic of the cycle of life, power and the higher self.